SLBC Tamil National Service

As we move towards the future, our goal is to continue nurturing the needs of the people of Sri Lanka and strengthen their sense of nationalism. We strive to maintain the highest level of economic, social, political, educational, cultural, and moral well-being for all communities, and implement our mission of fostering knowledge, attitudes, and skills to enhance communication and improve living standards. As a government, our aim is to promote the prosperity of our country and the welfare of its citizens. SLBC Tamil National Service

SLBC Tamil National Service

Over the years, the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation has expanded its reach and services, offering a diverse range of programming to cater to the varied interests and preferences of its audiences. Its radio and television channels provide news, current affairs, educational, cultural, and entertainment content, covering a wide range of topics, from politics and sports to music and drama.

The corporation has also kept pace with the rapid advancements in technology and the changing media landscape, adapting its operations to include digital platforms and online streaming services. This has enabled it to reach audiences beyond traditional broadcast channels, providing access to its content to a wider and more diverse audience.

One of the notable services offered by the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation is its Tamil National Service, which is dedicated to providing news and programming to the Tamil-speaking population in Sri Lanka. This service plays a crucial role in promoting the cultural and linguistic diversity of the country and fostering national unity through its programming.

In addition to its broadcasting services, the SLBC Tamil National Service also has a significant role to play in promoting media literacy and education. Through its training and development programs, it helps to nurture and develop the skills of aspiring journalists and media professionals, ensuring that the country has a well-trained and competent media workforce.

Overall, the SLBC Tamil National Service is a vital institution in the country’s media landscape, providing valuable services to the public and contributing to the nation’s social, cultural, and economic development. Its commitment to impartiality, accuracy, and public service has made it a trusted source of news and information for generations of Sri Lankans.

SLBC Tamil National Service Contact

No. 574, Torrington Square,
Colombo 07,
Sri Lanka.
Phone: +94 11 269 7491-95, +94 112 689427
email: [email protected]

SLBC Tamil National Service

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