Muslim Vaanoli FM

Muslim Vaanoli FM is a popular online radio station based in Sri Lanka that caters to the Muslim community. It broadcasts a wide range of programs, including religious discourses, Islamic teachings, news, current affairs, and cultural programs. Muslim Vanoli FM also plays a variety of music genres, such as Islamic devotional songs, Qawwali, and traditional Sri Lankan music. It is a 24/7 radio station that can be accessed for free online at Muslim Vanoli has a large following in Sri Lanka and is a trusted source of information and entertainment for the Muslim community.

These programs include Quran recitation, Islamic lectures, prayers, news, and current affairs, as well as entertainment shows, music, and quizzes.

Muslim Vaanoli FM

The station aims to provide a platform for Muslims to connect with their faith and culture, while also promoting unity, peace, and understanding among people of different backgrounds and religions. Muslim Vaanoli FM strives to be a source of education, inspiration, and entertainment for its listeners, with a focus on promoting positive values and morals in society.

Muslim Vaanoli FM is available online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It is a popular choice among Tamil-speaking Muslims who seek to stay connected with their community and heritage, and who value the role of media in shaping their identity and worldview.

Muslim Vaanoli FM

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