Karthigai FM

Karthigai FM is a popular Tamil radio station broadcasting from Canada, bringing the best of Tamil music and entertainment to listeners around the world. With a focus on playing the latest and greatest Tamil songs, as well as top Kollywood hits, Karthigai FM is a must-listen for anyone who loves Tamil music.

Karthigai FM

One of the key features of Karthigai Radio is its huge variety of programming, which showcases a wide range of Tamil songs across different genres and eras. From classic hits to contemporary favorites, listeners can enjoy a diverse range of Tamil music that’s sure to please every taste.

In addition to music, Karthigai Radio also offers a variety of other programs designed to entertain and engage listeners. From talk shows and interviews with Tamil celebrities to live events and competitions, there’s always something exciting happening on Karthigai FM.

Overall, Karthigai Radio is a top destination for Tamil music fans around the world, providing a platform to discover new music and enjoy all-time favorite hits. So tune in to Karthigai FM and enjoy the best of Tamil music and entertainment today!

Karthigai FM

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