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GOLD FM Brussels

A new sensation and Heart of Belgium “GOLD FM Brussels” makes your day memorable with its vast variety of songs. Infuses energy for your workday and relax your mind and soul when you want it that way. Listen to the wonderful melodious songs of your choice all day long. “GOLD FM Brussels” is fully customized internet radio station which provided you with 100% satisfaction.

About GOLD FM Brussels:
Gold FM was born on 05 May 2005 and is a Turkish community radio produced by Gold music SPRL The service publisher Gold Music SPRL was created in 1996 by Mr.Unal YILDIRIM and privileged to be the only one on the Belgian market with his range of Turkish music product, as a music producer and event organizers.

His presence as an official sponsor in all cultural activities, cultural organizations and concerts has allowed him to have an essential brand image.

With its focus on the needs of its listeners and targeted marketing towards its target groups, Gold FM is a great success.

The slogan, “Gold FM Gold Radio” gives the Turkish population of Belgium a voice on the airwaves and thus makes an indispensable contribution to integration.

Commercial strategy Previously cultural, theatrical, Turkish singer artist concert were poorly known because

there was no way “Turkish media”.

The existence of our radio has allowed event organizers greater ease and speed of access to their news and announcements, and Turkish production companies, all of which are based in Belgium, collaborate more easily.

Those companies that did not have the opportunity to promote their own production, can now through our radio.

These products are better valued and help develop a growing economy.

133, rue de Brabant 1030 Brussels
VAT no: BE 457922350 – NRCan: 603.814
Info & Technic Tel: +32. (0)
Direction Tel: +32. (0)
Radio Studio Tel – 1: +32. (0) (CANLI YAYIN – LIVE)
Radio Studio Tel – 2: +32. (0) (CANLI YAYIN – LIVE)
Fax: +32. (0)
Info mail: [email protected]
Advertising: [email protected]
Support: [email protected]
Employment: [email protected]

GOLD FM Brussels Belgium

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