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Virijallu Fm Radio

A new sensation and Heart of Tollywood “” makes your day memorable with its vast variety of songs. Infuses energy for your workday and relax your mind and soul when you want it that way. Listen to the wonderful melodious songs of your choice all day long. “” is fully customized internet radio station which provided you with 100% satisfaction.

Ulavacharu – ‘Kushi-KushiGa’ ( ఖుషీ ఖుషీగా)
Hosted by: Aparna Pasumarthi, Meghna Viswanadha, Shiva Kada & Deepthi Kottari
A light and breezy show on Mondays hosted by the youngsters of the Bay Area. Monday blues? We guarentee you, they will be blown away!!

United Tax – “Vennela (వెన్నెల)” – Hosted by Sri.Kiran Prabha
Sri Kiran Prabha
Hosted by : Sri. Kiran Prabha
విరిజల్లు ప్రతి మంగళవారం వెన్నెల్లో విహారం
కిరణ్ ప్రభ సమర్పించే మంచి సినిమా కబుర్ల సమాహారం

Ashta-Chamma (అష్టా – చమ్మా)
Hosted by: Sridevi Pasupuleti & Satish Karry
An entertaining and an engaging fun show on Wednesdays with new games & concepts. Lots of prizes to win !!
Trinethra Super Market – Palli-Bataneelu (పల్లీ – బఠాణీలు)
Trinethra Super Market
Hosted by: Vijaya Aasuri & Kalyan Kattamuri
Laugh riot, non-stop masti & entertainment unlimited. 3 words – DONT MISS IT !!

Peacock – Harivillu (హరివిల్లు)
Hosted by: Vijaya Aasuri & Kalyan Kattamuri
A perfect beginning to the weekend. Harivillu (Rainbow) is a mix of seven colors and so is this Friday show. It’s a mix of everything – celebrity interviews, Top 10 songs, entertaining topics, teasing trivia questions and tons of smiles!!

MyTaxFiler – Evaram Paata (ఈవారం పాట)
Hosted by: Venu Aasuri
Evaram Paata features a song that has something unique about itself – be its lyrics, picturization, inception etc. You will discover many new things about the songs who might have heard many a times before. Our little gem!

Padalani Undi (పాడాలని ఉంది)
Hosted by: Vijaya Aasuri, Kalyan Kattamuri & Prasad Mangina
This program provides platform for everyone to showcase their singing talent on air. Singers mail us their song clips which we forward to a prominent telugu singer or music director in the Telugu movie industry. They provide their comments as well. We feature all those songs + the feedback from the celebrity guests. Who knows – one of these singers might get into the movies through this. Interested to participate? Please mail with your song clip today!!

Trinethra Super Market – Hello Telangana
Virijallu is happy to announce the introduction of a brand new show “Hello Telangana” on Virijallu Radio airing every tuesday from 8-830PM PST/ 930-10AM IST (Wed) on Desi1170am. It will be an entertaining & engaging show with live calls, trivia questions, prize giveaways, celebrity interviews etc. with an aim to showcase Telangana culture, art, music, food, festivals & more while retaining the overall entertainment quotient. The Show will be hosted by Pratyusha, Uday & Joshna with a special segment by Vijay Chavva.

Neerajanam (నీరాజనం)
Hosted by: Vijaya Aasuri & Kalyan Kattamuri
Neerajanam is Virijallu’s beloved tribute to the legends of the telugu music, literary & film industries as well as to the pioneers who contributed to the Telugu Land in various forms of art.

Cheppalani Undi (చెప్పాలని ఉంది)
Hosted by: Murali Chari
A though provoking, straight from the heart monologue from the multi talented Murali Chari garu. The segment will feature a wide range of topics ranging from politics, philosophy, life, movies & much more. Airs every Sunday on Virijallu.

Nala Bheema Paakam (నలభీమపాకం)
Hosted by: Vijaya Aasuri & Kalyan Kattamuri
A one of its kind culinary program where men & women are encouraged to share their cooking tricks on air. A great oppurtunity for men to showcase their cooking prowess. Audio will be aired on the radio show and video will be posted under the Videos section of Virijallu website. To participate, please mail today!!

You Smile Dental – Mee Abhiprayam (మీ అభిప్రాయం)
Hosted by: Vijaya Aasuri, Murali Chari & Kalyan Kattamuri
First of its kind on-air debate program on a relevant topic to NRIs. The debate will be co-ordinated by a knowledgeable moderator in the studio.

Sogasu Chooda Tharama (సొగసు చూడతరమా)
This program provides an oppurtunity for the listeners to share on air the beauty tips & tricks that they follow in their daily lives. To participate in this program please mail today!!

Wealth Corner by AVR Chowdary
AVR ChowdaryAVR Chowdary is CEO of G&C Global Consortium, the #1 Real Estate Consultancy & Wealth Management company in South India. With his hast experience and the companys motto of “Creating Wealth For All”, Mr. Chowdary has been helping thousands of people interested in investing in India. He has forged a special bonding with NRI sector and NRIs have been highly appreciative of his honest assessment, evaluations & feedback. more»

Anando Brahma (అనందో బ్రహ్మ)
This segment provides the fun, humor and rib tickling comedy to the listeners. If you have any suggestions/ideas please mail

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