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Vaanpura Tamil FM

Vaanpura FM welcomes all the hearers in the Lord. For the blessings of God, the radio station began on 07.04.2012. Here in Vaanpura FM, they emit mainly in the words of God and his writings. By the abundant blessing of God, Vaanpura FM has successfully completed its first year of life and still works well. They are happy that FM has spent its second year in a positive way. They want to serve and spread the word of God to their disciples. His online ministry permeates the country. They are happy that their online ministry is continually growing. Your goal is to develop your faith in Christ. Vaanpura FM programs focus on the news programs of Christ and his love. You can listen to the Vaanpura FM radio online anytime, anywhere. The songs they play are a good collection. God has poured out His blessings on the radio that they are able to reach many homes not only in India, but also in nations. This is just the beginning and your confidence to see the lines of reflective restoration and rejuvenation. They also trust in God when they raise their cult shelter to help prepare people for what they plan to do. Music, scriptures, prayers and stories are broadcast on FM Vaanpura, which seems destined solely for you and help you grow in faith. Every day, thousands of listeners have the opportunity to know Jesus Christ, why not be next. God especially blessed them to spread his Gospel through the radio station to reach many homes. Vaanpura FM welcomes Christ has responded to his prayers reaching many people through his FM line for different nations. By the grace of God, they invite you to listen to Vaanpura FM.
Phone: +31527697470
Whats app: 0031619197410
mailto: [email protected]

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