Vaanpura Tamil Christian FM

Certainly! Vaanpura Tamil Christian FM is a radio station that broadcasts Christian content in the Tamil language. It is a platform that provides listeners with devotional music, sermons, and other religious programming. The station aims to spread the message of Christianity to the Tamil-speaking population and create a sense of community among its listeners. Vaanpura Tamil Christian FM is an excellent resource for those looking to deepen their faith and connect with like-minded individuals.

Vaanpura Tamil Christian FM

Vaanpura FM warmly welcomes all listeners in the Lord. This radio station was established on 07.04.2012 as a result of God’s blessings. Vaanpura FM mainly broadcasts the Word of God and His writings. By the abundant blessings of God, Vaanpura FM has successfully completed its first year of operation and continues to flourish. The team is grateful that they have spent their second year positively and desires to serve and spread the Word of God to all their followers.

Their online ministry has extended throughout the country and they are happy to see that it is constantly growing. Vaanpura FM’s main objective is to help develop people’s faith in Christ. Their programs focus on news about Christ and His love. You can listen to Vaanpura FM online at any time, from anywhere. The songs they play are an excellent collection. God has bestowed His blessings upon this radio station, enabling it to reach many homes not only in India but also in other nations.

This is just the beginning and they have confidence in seeing the lines of reflective restoration and rejuvenation. They trust in God as they plan to expand their services to help prepare people. Vaanpura Tamil Christian FM broadcasts music, scriptures, prayers, and stories that are destined solely to help listeners grow in faith. Every day, thousands of people have the opportunity to know Jesus Christ, and you could be next. God has especially blessed them to spread His Gospel through the radio station and reach many homes. Vaanpura FM gratefully welcomes Christ’s response to their prayers, reaching many people through their FM line in different nations. By the grace of God, they cordially invite you to listen to Vaanpura Tamil Christian FM.

Phone: +31527697470
Whats app: 0031619197410
mailto: [email protected]

Vaanpura Tamil Christian FM

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