Thala Ajith Radio: Celebrating the Iconic Journey of Ajith through Music

Thala Ajith, the charismatic superstar of Tamil cinema, has garnered a massive fan following over the years with his exceptional acting skills and larger-than-life persona. His movies are not only known for their gripping storylines but also for their memorable music. To honor the legendary actor and his iconic journey, SouthRadios presents Thala Ajith Radio, a dedicated online radio station that showcases the best of Thala Ajith’s songs and melodies. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Thala Ajith and relive his cinematic magic through music. Thala Ajith Radio Broadcasting by

Thala Ajith Radio

A Musical Tribute to Thala Ajith Radio:

Thala Ajith Radio is a heartfelt tribute to the versatile actor and his contribution to Tamil cinema. With a carefully curated playlist, this online radio station brings you the most popular and melodious tracks from Thala Ajith’s movies. From foot-tapping numbers to soulful ballads, Thala Ajith Radio celebrates the diverse range of music that has accompanied the actor’s extraordinary performances.

Journey Through Iconic Films:

Thala Ajith ( Thala Ajith Radio) has delivered numerous memorable performances in his illustrious career. Each film has its unique charm, and the music plays a vital role in enhancing the storytelling. Thala Ajith Radio takes you on a journey through his iconic films, showcasing the songs that have become anthems for his fans. From his early days in movies like “Mankatha” and “Billa” to recent blockbusters like “Viswasam” and “Valimai,” this radio station covers it all.

Connecting Thala Ajith Fans Worldwide:

Thala Ajith Radio serves as a platform to connect Thala Ajith fans from around the world. Through the power of music, it brings together enthusiasts who appreciate the actor’s talent and charisma. Share your love for Thala Ajith, engage in discussions, and relish in the collective admiration for his captivating on-screen presence. Thala Ajith Radio is more than just a radio station; it’s a community that celebrates the impact of Thala Ajith on Tamil cinema.

About Ajith Kumar:

Ajith Kumar, born on 1 May 1971, is a prominent Indian film actor known for his work in Tamil cinema. With a career spanning over 50 films, Ajith has established himself as a versatile performer. Beyond acting, he is also a skilled motorcar racer and participated in the MRF Racing series in 2010.

Ajith made his debut in the 1990 Tamil film “En Veedu En Kanavar” in a small role. It was singer S.P. Balasubrahmanyam who introduced Ajith to the Tamil film industry by recommending him for the lead role in “Amaravathi” in 1993. He gained critical acclaim with his role in the thriller “Aasai” in 1995. Subsequently, he made a mark as a romantic hero with films like “Kadhal Kottai” in 1996, “Aval Varuvala” in 1998, and “Kadhal Mannan” in 1998. Ajith’s success continued with movies like “Vaali” in 1999, “Mugavaree” in 2000, “Kandukondain Kandukondain” in 2000, and “Citizen” in 2001. He showcased his prowess as an action hero in “Amarkalam” in 1999, where he shared the screen with his future wife, Shalini.

On 29 April 2011, Ajith made the decision to dismantle all his fan clubs in Tamil Nadu. This step was taken due to the lack of unity among the club members and their diverging political aspirations, which did not align with Ajith’s requests.

Ajith Kumar’s journey in the film industry has been marked by his exceptional talent, versatility, and dedication to his craft. With his magnetic screen presence and diverse roles, he has garnered a strong and loyal fan base over the years. Ajith continues to enthrall audiences with his performances, setting new benchmarks in Tamil cinema.

Thala Ajith List of Movies

Thala Ajith, the renowned Indian film actor, has an impressive filmography with numerous successful movies. Some of his notable films include:

YearName of the FilmRole in the Film
1990En Veedu En KanavarUncredited Role
1993Prema PustagamSiddharth
1995Rajavin ParvaiyileChandru
1996Kalloori VaasalVasanth
1996Minor MappillaiSunil
1996Kadhal KottaiSurya
1997RaasiDinesh Kumar
1997Rettai Jadai VayasuSivakumar
1998Kadhal MannanShiva
1998Aval VaruvalaJeeva
1998Unnidathil Ennai KoduthenSanjay
1998Uyirodu UyiragaAjay
1999Unnai ThediRaghu
1999VaaliShiva, Deva
1999Anantha PoongatheJeeva
1999Nee Varuvai EnaSubramani
2000Kandukondain KandukondainManohar
2000Unnai Kodu Ennai TharuvenSurya
2001CitizenArivanandham/Anthony/Abdulla, Subramani
2001Poovellam Un VasamChinna
2003Ennai Thalatta VaruvalaSatish
2004AttagasamGuru, Jeeva
2006ParamasivanParamasivan (Subramaniya Siva)
2006VaralaruShivshankar, Vishnu, Jeeva
2007KireedamSakthivel Rajarajan
2007BillaDavid Billa, Saravanavelu
2010AsalShiva, Jeevanandham
2011MankathaVinayak Mahadevan
2012Billa IIDavid Billa
2012English VinglishCameo appearance
2013ArrambamAshok Kumar
2015Yennai ArindhaalSathyadev
2017VivegamAK (Ajay Kumar)
2019ViswasamThookku Durai
2019Nerkonda PaarvaiBharath Subramaniam
2022ValimaiACP Arjun Kumar
2023ThunivuDark Devil

These are just a few highlights from Thala Ajith’s extensive filmography, showcasing his versatility and ability to portray diverse characters on-screen. His performances have garnered critical acclaim and a massive fan following throughout his illustrious career.

Thala Ajith Radio: Celebrating the Iconic Journey of Ajith through Music

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