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S Cube Telugu Radio

A new sensation and Heart of Tollywood “S Cube Telugu Radio” makes your day memorable with its vast variety of songs. Infuses energy for your workday and relax your mind and soul when you want it that way. Listen to the wonderful melodious songs of your choice all day long. “S Cube Telugu Radio” is fully customized internet radio station which provided you with 100% satisfaction.

Become RJ:
1) Be creative: Having a creative approach is must.

2) RJ must have a good sense of humor: An RJ should have a good sense of humor because radio is listened by most of the population of our country and it includes both rural as well as urban areas. Most importantly, it is a listening device, people may get bored of listening to one person the whole day.

3) Knowledge and awareness is must: As most of the Indian population caters to radio for almost all sorts of information, so it must be kept in mind by the RJ that he is up to date regarding the information, current affairs and the general awareness.

4) Good and fluent speaker: One must also have full fluency in speaking. An RJ must not fumble while speaking.

5) Command over the languages: One must also have perfect command over languages like Telugu, English, Hindi or any depending on the region where the radio station is located.

6) Confidence is a key to succeed: If you do not possess confidence, then go wherever you wish to, you will never be able to present yourself in front of others.

7) Be original and have your own style: Do not be artificial in front of the mic. This is because if you will be fake, it will not help you for too long but one day your station will lose credibility, authenticity as fake things does not last for long. So be realist, show what you are in actual. Do not be fake.

8) Try and talk on the current topic: Do not take up the topic form extreme past, unless it is required to relate with your present. Try and focus on the current event, daily happenings and so on.

9) Have full control of yourself and always remain calm: Remaining calm is must especially in the cases of playing contest with the listeners. The RJ’s tend to ask their listeners to indulge in all what they do and in case any person answers rudely, do not be impatient instead be calm and peaceful. In such situations, you need to behave calmly with your caller. So learn to have control on your anger be cool.

10) Punctuality: Be punctual, on time. If your program goes late on air, the listeners may think of program not being run for the rest of the coming day. People may create such sort of notion towards you within one day. So be on time, start your work accordingly and let your listeners wait for your program to get on air. This way you will also feel happy and the listeners will also feel good towards your program.

EMAIL : [email protected]

INDIA: Srinivas Komira +91 961 880 8787,

USA: Sreenivas Oruganti +1 313 433 6201


S Cube Telugu Radio | Online Streaming Telugu Fm Radio Channel

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