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Radio Stalica

A new sensation and Heart of Belarus “Radio Stalica” makes your day memorable with its vast variety of songs. Infuses energy for your workday and relax your mind and soul when you want it that way. Listen to the wonderful melodious songs of your choice all day long. “Radio Stalica” is fully customized internet radio station which provided you with 100% satisfaction.

We welcome all who came to our page by accident or on purpose, to meet with those who are well known by the radio station “Stolitsa” who became “invisible” friends and without whom, perhaps the morning would not be so cheerful, day – so warm and evening – romantic and mysterious.
Our radio station – a structural unit of BTRC, created on the basis of the former Minsk regional edition of the Belarusian Radio, which led broadcast 2 hours per day in Minsk and Minsk region. After a serious technical modernization and sophisticated organizational restructuring, revision into a modern radio station.

Since its birth – September 21, 1998 – we adhere to the principle of “Radio” Stolitsa “- our radio.” We faced a difficult task: to create a state Belarusian-language radio station, able to compete with the existing non-governmental radio stations. And we are proud to say that the team coped with this task and proved that public radio can be interesting, prestigious and competitive.

Today, “Stolitsa” broadcasts 24 hours a day on ultra-short waves throughout the country and on the frequency 105,1 FM in Minsk. Listen to us and the world in real-time via the Internet.

Radio “Stolitsa” – the country’s only fully belarusskoyazychnaya FM-radio format. In the broadcast sound information, educational and musical entertainment. In them, we discuss the current pressing issues. A special place is occupied by a program on the history and culture of Belarus, through which you can virtually travel to interesting places in our country, learn about the unique natural resources and monuments, as well as to make a kind of excursion into the history and touch to the rich cultural heritage of Belarus.

Among the many FM-stations and “Capital” is distinguished by its special, non-standard approach to the formation of a musical network. Music that sounds in our air, to meet the needs of both the audiophile DC, brought up on classical western rock music, and the young man who follows the domestic and foreign novelties rock. Music radio format, “Capital” is located at the junction of AOR / OS formats (album-oriented rock / adult contemporary music) and presented songs of the best domestic and foreign performers. Much attention is paid to young Belarusian musician and writer working in a rock style.

Radio “Stolitsa” was able to find his own style and rhythm of broadcasting, as each of its employees are encouraged to create something that listeners will be called “a favorite.”

Str. Red, 4, Minsk, 220807, Belarus

Mail-E: [email protected]

Executive Secretary: (017) 290 62 23

Advertising Service: (017) 389 60 78

Division information programs: (017) 284 85 55 , (017) 284 48 86

Music Programs Division: (017) 284 45 22 ; -mail an e: [email protected]

Studio: (017) 284 37 89

SMS to the studio: 9705

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