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Radio Mattoli 90.4 FM

A new sensation and Heart of Mollywood “Radio Mattoli 90.4 FM” makes your day memorable with its vast variety of songs. Infuses energy for your workday and relax your mind and soul when you want it that way. Listen to the wonderful melodious songs of your choice all day long. “Radio Mattoli 90.4 FM” is fully customized internet radio station which provided you with 100% satisfaction.

Radio Mattoli (90.4 FM) is a Community Radio Service (CRS) licensed by the Union Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, New Delhi; and situated at Dwaraka (Mananthavady) in Wayanad District of Kerala State. Community Radio Service focuses on different communities living within its transmission zone. CRS reaches out to every section of the society with special attention to the communities that are marginalized, to ensure that they also find expression through the radio. It provides farmers, tribes, dalits, women and children an opportunity to speak out, and be heard


A self reliant, interactive and harmonious society abounding in self respect that seeks its own development, fully harnessing locally available resources, is our vision.


Provide an avenue for the free flow of beneficial information aimed at bringing about socio economic changes in the society. The programs aired opens up possibilities for everyone, especially the marginalized sections, to express themselves socially, economically, culturally and spiritually in order to become masters of their own destinies. Radio Mattoli serves as a catalyst for integral development of individuals and societies.

Geographic Coverage: Radio Mattoli signal reaches all the 49 revenue villages in Wayanad district, covering a population of 816,558 as per 2011 census. Studies have shown that at a given point of time approximately 2.5 lakhs people listen to our radio.

Radio Mattoli Programs:
Arangu: A special slot for Devotional Music
Archana: Information of daily local events.
Ariyippukal: Health programs.
Arogyavedi: Program on Job opportunities, New Courses & and trainings
Career Mattoli: Travel narrative
Desaantharangal: Introducing world nations and local places
Desavrithantham: Historical importance of the day.
Dinavrithaantham: Reflection on Gandhiyan philosophy
Gandhi Darsanam:Features on contemporary issues
Mattoli Fifty – Fifty: Songs requested by the listeners
Ishtagaanangal: Skit on contemporary issues affecting common people
Janaalakkappuram: We address public interest issues and mediate between officials and the public.
Janavaani: Introducing good short stories
Kadhayum Kadhakrithum: Empowerment program for tribal women
Karimani: Program for dairy farmers
Ksheeravaani: Programs fostering family values.
Kudumba Vedhi: Programs of members of mattoli school clubs.
Mattoli Club Time: film based program
Mattoli Talkies: Programs of kids from angana vadies and nursery school
Mayilpeeli: Financial literacy programs supported by NABARD
Thangum Thanalum: Legal awareness program
Niyamavum Neethiyum: Addressing development issues of people
Njangalkkum und parayaan: Programs for farmers
Njattuvela: Special Musical Program
Ore Swaram: Pannel discussions on various topics
Panel Discussion: Briefing of headlines of news papers
Pathra Sabdam: Experts interacts with people on different issues
Phone- in- program: A spot for special guests to radio station
Prathibhayum athidhiyum: A satirical program on current issues
Prathidhwani: Cookery and Cuisine
Ruchikkoot: Reflective thoughts for the day.
Sadchinthanam: Phone in program for Music lovers.
Snehapoorvam: Programs in Indigenous languages
Thudichetham: Awareness program for tribes
Unarav: Women empowerment programs for women prepared by women from the community
Vanitha Mattoli: Syllabus based educational program for high school students
Vidyavaani: Agricultural knowledge dissemination program supported by ATMA
Vayalnaadu: Introducing various books and Local libraries.
Vayanaamuri: Informative programs
Vijnaanavedhi: Journey special program
Yaathrakkaarude SradhakkuYuvatharangam : program for youth

Name of CRS : Community Radio Mattoli
Frequency : 90.4 MHz
NGO : Wayanad Social Service Society (WSSS)
Location and the State : Dwaraka (Wayanad) –Kerala
Station Launch Date : June 1st, 2009
Daily Duration of Broadcast :
6.00 am. to 11.00 pm. (17 Hours Daily)
Coverage: Wayanad District .

Contact Details:
Community Radio Mattoli
Nalloornadu PO
Wayanad Dt.
KERALA 670645

E Mail : [email protected]
Phone :04935 242008
Fax : 04935 240066
Mob : +91 9446034422

Radio Mattoli 90.4 FM | 17 Hours Online Streaming Malayalam FM Radio

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