Radio 1 Bulgaria

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Radio 1 Bulgaria

A new sensation and Heart of Bulgaria “Radio 1 Bulgaria” makes your day memorable with its vast variety of songs. Infuses energy for your workday and relax your mind and soul when you want it that way. Listen to the wonderful melodious songs of your choice all day long. “Radio 1 Bulgaria” is fully customized internet radio station which provided you with 100% satisfaction.

Radio 1 is the first in Bulgaria Radio Network with musical format Soft Adult Contemporary, which includes the most popular and melodic songs from the 60s onwards – under the slogan classic hits thus positioned in the unoccupied hitherto niche Bulgarian radiopazar. As a result of adaptation and Soft AC standard format for the Bulgarian market, Radio 1 offers a unique musical mix, including a diverse repertoire typified by the likes of The Beatles, ABBA, Elton John, Mariah Carey and Antonio Vivaldi. The overall unifying criterion of all compositions in the form of Radio 1 is the condition that each of them is known and loved by listeners.

Head Office
1404 Sofia, 6, Rikardo Vakarini Str.,
Tel .: 02/931 30 30
e-mail: [email protected]

VARNA Office:
Address : Varna 9000, 24, Slivnitsa Str.
Office Building Landmark, Office 7
Email for advertisement in Varna and the region: [email protected]
tel . : 052/30 23 72
fax: 052/30 23 71

Radio 1 Bulgaria

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