OM Radio

OM Radio is a special radio station founded by SS Geeta, a radio industry veteran with 15 years of experience. It is the first Hindu devotional station originating from Singapore.

With a passion for radio and a strong devotion to God, SS Geeta created OMradio to bring the beautiful world of Hindu devotional music and teachings to the listeners.

OM Radio Devotional

OMradio offers a unique blend of interesting information, thought-provoking snippets, movie clips, and popular devotional songs from all eras. It aims to serve the Tamil-speaking Hindu community and provide a satisfying religious experience for Hindu devotees.

Join us on OM radio and immerse yourself in the divine tunes and spiritual wisdom. Let us together celebrate the beauty of Hindu devotional music and strengthen our connection with God. Tune in and experience the magic of OM radio!

OM Radio

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