KS Chithra Radio 1 South Radio

KS Chithra Radio 1, presented by South Radio, is a dedicated online radio station that showcases the enchanting melodies and soulful songs sung by the legendary playback singer KS Chithra. This radio station aims to celebrate the musical legacy of KS Chithra and bring her timeless compositions to listeners worldwide.

KS Chithra Radio 1
KS Chithra Radio 1

KS Chithra, also known as the Nightingale of South India, has mesmerized audiences with her captivating voice and versatile singing style. With a career spanning over four decades, she has amassed a vast repertoire of songs in various languages, including Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi.

KS Chithra Radio 1 offers a platform to immerse oneself in the enchanting melodies rendered by the iconic singer. Listeners can enjoy a diverse collection of her evergreen hits, soul-stirring melodies, and foot-tapping numbers. The radio station broadcasts around the clock, ensuring that fans can tune in at any time and indulge in the musical brilliance of KS Chithra.

South Radio has curated this exclusive radio station to pay tribute to the extraordinary talent of KS Chithra and to provide a platform for fans to relish her timeless songs. Whether you are a long-time admirer of her music or a new listener discovering her melodies, KS Chithra Radio 1 is the perfect destination to experience the magic of her voice and immerse yourself in the rich musical heritage she has created over the years. Tune in and let the captivating melodies of KS Chithra transport you to a world of musical bliss.

Best Songs List

Here are some of the best songs by KS Chithra, showcasing her incredible vocal prowess and versatility:

  1. “Poo Pookum Osai” – Minsara Kanavu
  2. “Oru Deivam Thantha Poove” – Kannathil Muthamittal
  3. “Ennavale Adi Ennavale” – Kadhalan
  4. “Pon Vaanam Paneer Thoovuthu” – Muthu
  5. “Maana Madurai” – Aasai
  6. “Kannalane” – Bombay
  7. “Un Per Solla” – Minsara Kanna
  8. “Kannodu Kanbathellam” – Jeans
  9. “Inji Iduppazhagi” – Thevar Magan
  10. “Vennilave Vennilave” – Minsara Kanavu

These are just a few highlights from KS Chithra’s illustrious discography. Her repertoire spans across various genres and languages, and each song is a testament to her impeccable talent and artistry. Whether it’s soulful melodies, peppy numbers, or emotionally charged renditions, KS Chithra has left an indelible mark on the music industry with her exceptional singing.

KS Chithra Radio 1 South Radio

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