British Indian Tamil Radio London

British Indian Tamil Radio is a leading radio station that broadcasts 24/7 in the Tamil language to listeners across the UK and around the world. With a focus on delivering high-quality Tamil music and entertainment, we have built a dedicated listener base that continues to grow every day.

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British Indian Tamil Radio
British Indian Tamil Radio

Our station offers a diverse range of programming, including music shows, talk shows, news, and cultural programs. We also feature a variety of popular Tamil DJs who play the latest hits and classics from the Tamil music industry.

In addition to our live radio broadcasts, we also offer an online streaming service that allows listeners to tune in to our programs from anywhere in the world. Our website,, features an easy-to-use interface that lets you access our programs at any time.

At British Indian Tamil Radio, we’re committed to providing our listeners with the best possible listening experience. We’re constantly exploring new ways to improve our programming and engage with our audience.

Whether you’re a Tamil music fan, interested in Tamil culture, or simply looking for an entertaining radio station to tune into, British Indian Tamil Radio is the perfect choice. Join our community of listeners today and experience the best of Tamil music and entertainment.

British Indian Tamil Radio RJ’S AND BITR TEAM

  • RJ Agnes
  • RJ Balaji
  • RJ Shayini
  • RJ Suba
  • Rj Karthiga
  • RJ Lekha
  • RJ Suryaprakash
  • RJ Pramila
  • RJ John Richard
  • RJ Vijayalakshmi
  • Chandran
  • SivaPriya
  • RJ Subashini
  • Shivalkar
  • Sakthidasan
  • RJ Sangeetha
  • Rj Sakthi
  • RJ Raaji Anand
  • RJ Lavanya Rathish
  • RJ Lancelot
  • RJ Kavitha
  • RJ Kandasamy Bharathi
  • RJ Kala
  • RJ Jayaraj
  • RJ Gnana Murugan
  • RJ Chandana
  • RJ Akalya
  • RJ Annu
  • RJ Arunprasad
British Indian Tamil Radio London

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