Brian FM Whanganui

Brian FM Whanganui

Suspect you have noticed, we’re doing something a little different than any other radio station in new zealand, simply playing what WE feel like, you get to listen, if you like the music we play, you may listen more… . if you don’t like the music – you always have a stack of other radio stations playing the same 200 songs over and over you can listen to.

no commercials – notice that?
we play no commercials. Instead we are paying to play you the music ourselves. so you can’t really complain if there is a song you don’t like – we will guarantee it’s still better to hear a song we like, and you don’t. the alternative is listening to 5 minutes of commercials in a row on any of the other stations. you pick!

no dj’s – by choice.
when building Brian fm, we asked ourselves “who wants to hear what some random guy on the radio ate for dinner last night, or how their wife is pissed off at them for buying a new lawnmower?” really, we have facebook and twitter to connect with people we actually know and care about, friends and occasionally our family. even hearing what they’re up to all the time is boring. so let’s cut the talk, and just play the music. no requests – hey –we’re playing what WE want remember…

no requests – hey –we’re playing what WE want remember…
if you have suggestions of songs we should listen to and think about playing, that’s cool. if we like feel like playing them, we will. Send your ideas to [email protected]

laugh – we like to laugh,
and hopefully occasionally we say something that makes you laugh. If you have something funny to add to the mindless stuff we say, go on, email it thru to us – [email protected]

Brian FM Whanganui

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