Boss Engira Baskaran Movie Audio

Welcome to the world of Online FM Radio! Boss Engira Baskaran is a 24×7 online streaming radio station that is committed to providing you with the best music experience. Boss Engira Baskaran is a Tamil-language romantic comedy movie that was released in 2010. The movie was directed by M. Rajesh and produced by K. S. Sreenivasan. It features Arya and Nayanthara in the lead roles, along with Santhanam, M. S. Bhaskar, and Chitra Lakshmanan in supporting roles.

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Boss Engira Baskaran
Boss Engira Baskaran

Boss Engira Baskaran Story:

The movie revolves around the life of Baskaran (Arya), a lazy and unemployed youth who lives with his mother and sister. Baskaran is not interested in working and spends most of his time with his friends, drinking and gambling. His mother and sister are constantly worried about him and want him to get a job and settle down in life.

One day, Baskaran’s sister falls in love with a boy who belongs to a rich and influential family. However, the boy’s family does not approve of the match, as they think that Baskaran is not a suitable match for their daughter. Baskaran is determined to win over the boy’s family and prove that he is capable of taking care of his sister.

In the meantime, Baskaran meets Chandrika (Nayanthara), a bold and independent young woman who runs a successful business. Baskaran falls in love with her and tries to impress her with his charm and wit. However, Chandrika is not interested in him, as she thinks that he is lazy and unreliable.

Baskaran then decides to turn his life around and get a job. With the help of his friend Nallathambi (Santhanam), he gets a job as a salesperson in a saree shop. He works hard and impresses his boss, who promotes him to the position of manager.

Baskaran then uses his newfound wealth and influence to win over Chandrika’s heart. He helps her out with her business and proves to her that he is a responsible and dependable person. Chandrika falls in love with him, and the two of them get married.

Boss Engira Baskaran is a heartwarming and entertaining movie that is sure to make you laugh and feel good. It is a story of love, determination, and hard work, and it teaches us that with the right attitude and mindset, anything is possible.

Boss Engira Baskaran features a talented cast of actors who have brought their characters to life with their exceptional performances. Here are the main cast members of the movie:

  1. Arya as Baskaran Arya plays the lead role of Baskaran, a lazy and unemployed youth who is trying to find his place in the world. Arya has portrayed the character with ease, bringing out his humorous side and his emotional struggles.
  2. Nayanthara as Chandrika Nayanthara plays the role of Chandrika, a strong and independent woman who runs a successful business. Nayanthara’s performance has been widely appreciated for its depth and nuance, and she has brought a refreshing energy to the character.
  3. Santhanam as Nallathambi Santhanam plays the role of Nallathambi, Baskaran’s best friend who is always by his side, offering him support and advice. Santhanam’s comic timing is impeccable, and he has provided some of the movie’s most memorable moments with his witty one-liners.
  4. M. S. Bhaskar as Baskaran’s father M. S. Bhaskar plays the role of Baskaran’s father, who is constantly worried about his son’s future. Bhaskar’s performance has been praised for its authenticity and emotional depth.
  5. Chitra Lakshmanan as Baskaran’s mother Chitra Lakshmanan plays the role of Baskaran’s mother, who is a strong and supportive figure in his life. Lakshmanan has delivered a heartwarming performance, capturing the essence of a caring and nurturing mother.

The cast of Boss Engira Baskaran has done a phenomenal job, bringing their characters to life with their exceptional acting skills. Each actor has contributed to the movie’s success, making it a must-watch for Tamil movie fans.

Boss Engira Baskaran Movie Audio

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