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Arakozia FM Radio

A new sensation and Heart of Afghanistan “Arakozia FM” makes your day memorable with its vast variety of songs. Infuses energy for your workday and relax your mind and soul when you want it that way. Listen to the wonderful melodious songs of your choice all day long. “Arakozia FM” is fully customized internet radio station which provided you with 100% satisfaction.

100 Successful Women:
100 successful women is a 100 part radio series, designed to promote the values of women’s involvement in Afghan society across the country.
Time: Sunday to Thursday 10.00 AM – 11.00 AM

People’s Voice:
People’s Voice is a 19 – part elections related town hall debate series, which takes place in provinces across the country.
Time: Every Monday at 08:00 PM

Da Zhowand lara:
Special Islamic Program of Arakozia
Time: Daily 6:30 Am
Producer:Molawe Mohammad yaseen

Pa Sapo ke Marghalare:
The literary live program of Arakozia
Time: from Sanday till tursday at 7.00 Am
Presenter: Mohammad Wasel wesal

Ketabona Daryabona:
The weekly literary program of Arakozia Radio
Time: Every Saturday at 7.00 Am
Presenter, Producer Moh: Wasel Wesal

Neway Nasal Neway Fasal:
Special youth Program of Arakozia Radio
Time: every Saturday at 8:30 am
Producer: Sefat samoon

Salam Arakzia:
Morning greetings with Arakozia listiners
Time: from Sandat till Tursday At 8;30 Am
Presenter: Tamana wahidi

The special Information program of Arakozia Radio
Time: from Sanda to Tursday At 9.00 Am
Presenters: Diva Popalzai and Moh: Asif yosfzai

Sandar Ghare:
The Introductory program of Afghan and world famous singers
Time: Saturday at 9.00 Am
Producer: Zahid Samadzai

Dagay aw Naghare:
Lunch cooking of listeners
Time: From Sunday To Monday at 11.00 Am
Presenter: Adila Hassin

Arakozia Ownay:
Last week best program some parts
Time: every Saturday at 10.00 Am
Producer: Rezwan aalh Zurmatai

Da Ghag Studi:
Special Program of Arakozia Radio
Time: From Sunday till Monday at 10.00 Am
Producer ,presenter: Zahid Samadzai

Best chance for having jobs
Time: every Saturday at 11.00 Am
Producer: Diva Popalzai

Da Ownay Faal:
Different to other faal ( astrology) program s, its Faal from Day not from month.
Time: every Saturday At 08:30 Am
Producer: Adila Hassin

Da Storo Sind:
The Special weekly literary Program of Arakozia Radio
Time: Every 11:30 Am
Producer: Sadaf Popalzai

Dawlat Aka:
Its weekly comedian and humor Program
Time: every Sunday at 11:30 Am
Producer : Tamana Wahidi

Karana aw Maldari:
Special program for farmers Cow boys
Time: every Monday at 11:30 Am
Producer presenter: Idrees Siyawash

Sport Program of Arakozia Radio
Time: every Tuesday of 11:30 Am
Producer: Moh Wasal wesal

Allaah Din:
Program for Children
Time: every Wednesday At: 11.30 Am
Producer: Sadaf Popalzai

Medical Tips and talks with Doctors
Time: every Thursday at 11;30 Am
Producer: Idrees Seyawash

Rekhtinay Momin:
Islamic Program of Arakozia Radio
Time: from Saturday to Thursday
Presenter: Molawe Moh: Yasin Fahim

Tawday Khaberay:
Talks program
In Cooperation of Tolo news
Time: every night at 9.00 Pm
Presenter: Shahpoor Bakhtiyar

Songs Program of Arakozia
Time: From Sunday to Thursday at 2.00 Pm
Presenters: Adila Hassin and Idrees Seyawash

Sandare aw Peghamona:
Songs weekly Program
Time: every noon at 2:00 Pm

Live Socail Program
Time: From Saturday to Wednesday At 3:00 pm
Presenter: Rezwan and Sadaf

Special Program for women
Time: every Thurday at 3 :00 Pm
Producer:Tamana Wahidi

Zhowand aw Khowand:
Cooking Special Program
Time: from Sunday till Thursday
Presenter: Moh Asif Yoosfi

Sandrez Shorr:
Super songs Program of Arakozia Radio
Time: From Sunday To Thursday at 5:00 Pm
Producer: Sifat samon

Traditional and cultural Progarm
Time: every Saturday at 5:00 Pm
Producer: Alam gul Sahar

Quran Sa Wae:
Interpretation Explanation and Translation of Holy Quran
Time: every Friday at 2:00 Pm
Producer: Molawe Mohamad Yasin Fahim


Arakozia FM Radio Live Streaming Online Afghanistan | Arakozia FM 90.3

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