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3 Angels Community Radio

A new sensation and Heart of Nepal “3 Angels Community Radio 94.6” makes your day memorable with its vast variety of songs. Infuses energy for your workday and relax your mind and soul when you want it that way. Listen to the wonderful melodious songs of your choice all day long. “3 Angels Community Radio” is fully customized internet radio station which provided you with 100% satisfaction. Mission is for 3 Angels to be dad or mum angels for vulnerable ladies and children everywhere; in the prisons, at the borders, in the communities, towns and villages. 3 Angels Community Radio need to proportion God’s love with them within the maximum sensible of approaches. 3 Angels Community Radio need to be an unstoppable pressure towards human slavery and human trafficking in Nepal. together with your assist we’re saving lives – one baby at a time.

3 Angels Community Radio Aim:
Our aim is to stop human trafficking altogether and give every child in Nepal an education and a right to a future.

Our Radio Outreach Program targets rural communities to warn them of child traffickers whilst our schools educate the very poorest of Nepalese children. We are also supported by the government, which controls all the radio stations and approves and endorses the content we broadcast.

Transmitting a regular radio broadcast has proved to be the most effective means of connecting to the Nepali population, especially to remote rural communities.

We have been able to give the Nepali people a greater understanding of what is happening just across the border in India and the danger the sex industry, and human body part industry poses to young children and women. The people that hear these broadcasts pass the news onto neighbouring villages so our message reaches many more people, helping them to safeguard their families. It’s the ripple effect that we aim to have and right now it’s our main way of spreading the word and preventing these horrendous crimes against humanity.

As well as talking about the dangers of human trafficking and the tactics traffickers use, we also inform communities about basic health and hygiene to help prevent contamination; the importance of clean water; and how to stop the spread of disease.

You can listen to our recent broadcasts below.

3 Angels Community Radio Nepal

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